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Automotive consumers kickstart their journey online


Car enthusiasts turn to the web before making a purchase


On average, car buyers invest hunting for that perfect ride

Our foundation is defined by a commitment to shape the future of retail e-commerce, where cutting-edge technology meets creative brilliance.

Our Vision

With the vision of revolutionizing the way online businesses showcase their products online, Metadrob has innovated an environment that empowers e-commerce businesses.

Our Mission

We aim at evolving the experiential retail for both businesses and customers. Retailers of all sizes can build their Virtual Showrooms for increased ROI and brand value.

Core Values

Our belief fosters a culture where everyone collaborates to contribute to the collective success of our mission. We encourage initiatives, transparency, and teamwork.

Awards & Recognition

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Real Stories of Success with Metadrob

A glimpse into the real impact of e-commerce transformation to virtual retail.

As the owner of a home decor business, virtual stores have made all the difference for me. With Metadrob's virtual stores, I can showcase my products in 3D. It's like bringing my showroom directly to customers.

Rebecca H.
Owner of a Home Decor Shop

Customers are spending more time on our site, and I’ve noticed an increase in sales since we launched the virtual showroom. It's easy to use, customizable, and has helped me stay ahead of the competition.

Emily K.
Fashion Retailer

Metadrob offers a wide variety of dynamic virtual store templates to choose from. I need a store for fashion and beauty brands, and Metadrob offers a pre-designed store that meets my needs without requiring extensive design work.

Ava Reynolds.
Fashion Retailer

Creating a virtual showroom for my art gallery with Metadrob was incredibly easy. The 3D experience allows visitors to view and appreciate the artwork in a unique way.

Anna L.
Art Gallery Owner

Real-time data analytics from virtual stores have helped us improve our marketing strategy. Tracking and analyzing user behavior is one of the best features, leading to better marketing decisions and increased sales.

Mark H.
Marketing Head, at Ubuys
Frequently Asked Questions

Extensive Guide for Retailers & Customers Queries

We understand the concerns and questions of retailers and their customers. If your query isn't listed below, feel free to write to us at and we'll get back to you at the earliest.


Virtual retail stores enhance customer engagement, reduce geographical limitations, and offer cost-effective alternatives to physical stores.

Yes, we provide customer support, tutorials, and documentation to help you get started and make the most of our platform. You can also reach out to our tech team for assistance.

Yes, you can create and manage multiple virtual stores under a single account, making it suitable for multi-brand retailers or businesses with multiple product lines.

Yes, we can help with creating a virtual showroom as per your special requirements of custom features, designs, and more specific functionalities.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, depending on the terms of your plan, you may not be eligible for a refund for the remaining unused portion of your subscription.

Yes, you should have the option to export your store data before canceling your subscription to ensure you have a backup of your information.
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