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Are you fascinated with fast-changing online shopping patterns? Or you are a retailer trying to revamp the business post-pandemic? With technology advancements, businesses are in the re-shaping process to ensure they can make profits. However, with the traditional challenges, they are forced to keep their heads high for another level of competition. This time it’s gone digital.

Whether you are a retailer with an online or offline store, or a shopping enthusiast looking for more options, Metadrob has something special for you. It is the world’s first zero code metaverse store creation platform for retailers. A unique, cost-effective solution to help retailers create a real-life experience for consumers and ultimately generate sales. Before we dig deeper into how Metadrob is re-shaping the online business, let’s find out more about the idea.

What is Metadrob?

Built on the latest Web 3.0 technology, Metadrob is a virtual store creation platform with immense capabilities to offer the next-generation shopping experience to consumers while creating a scalable platform for business owners. From ideation to execution, it’s a no-code virtual platform for those who want exponential business growth with a futuristic approach.

Metadrob Features

Metadrob Features

There is no limit to design ideas in Metadrob. It’s extremely simple and requires no understanding of any technology. Here are more revolutionary features of the virtual store creator.

  • Store creation can be done in just 60 minutes
  • Create and manage your virtual store. No coding needed
  • Well-integrated AI for personalized product recommendations
  • Compelling feature areas to instantly grab customer attention
  • Offers a global store appearance
  • Provides thousands of enthralling layouts
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility
  • No physical store set-up required
  • Operative 24X7
  • Offers in-built virtual try-on to customers

Usability for Retailers

Usability for Retailers

Though retailers shifted to online stores they are still experiencing higher cart abandonment rates, higher bounce rates, higher return ratio, poor inventory management, and malfunctioned cyber security.

Pandemic has further made business worse, forcing industries to come up with better and more reliable solutions that could sustain longer.

A deeper understanding of customer psychology and personalization are also the reasons contributing to business loss. The stats state that nearly 68% of users don’t shop online if they feel that the company doesn’t care about them and almost 49% of shoppers abandon the carts due to unexpected extra costs.

Here are a few more of the surprising stats to include Metadrob to your business.

  • Decrease Cart abandonment rate by 41%
  • Increase Session time by 200%
  • Increase Recurring visits by 56%
  • Increase Conversion Rate up to 94%
  • Decrease Bounce rate by 50%
  • Decrease Product return rate by 40%
  • Increase add-to-cart rate by 35%
  • Increase No of Unique Users by 43%
  • Increase cross-selling selling up to 25%
  • Increase impulse buying by 20%

Metadrob is a solution to increase user engagement and profit margins. It is using the power of augmented reality to create a virtual world with more fascinating experiences.

This virtual zone is accessible 24/7 and has a high session time and conversion rate. It gives a more inclusive experience and requires no compliance with local business regulatory standards. For business owners and retailers, creating a store using Metadrob is fast and easy. Shop owners can use options like click, drag, and drop to show virtual inventory, thus requiring no salesperson to attend to the customers. No setup cost is a bonus.

Benefits for Consumers

When you choose to shop from a Metadrob store, you enjoy a tailored experience. With 3D images and Web VR view, it’s easy and fast to look through many products. You can also choose virtual trials before the final purchase. You can be anywhere in the world and would still have access to your preferred retail outlet. Making payments is safe and encrypted.


Design Your Virtual Retail Store

Metadrob is focused on making virtual stores feel real, adaptive, and cost-efficient. With its global approach and mesmerizing store layouts, it will be a delight for both retailers and customers.

If you are a retailer who wishes to expand the business, remove the cliché, and have higher profit margins, then be a part of the world’s first retail revolution, Metadrob.

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